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A Cairns mechanic providing specialty services such as brake repairs Cairns, clutches and more
We are a Cairns mechanic where brakes & clutches are our specialty and this is evident by our approval to produce approved Cairns roadworthy certificates

The importance of having well maintained brakes is a no brainer and our clutch services mean it doesn't have to cost a lot to replace a worn clutch. As our name suggests, brakes and clutches are our specialty and we have the Cairns mechanic workshop equipment and trained staff to provide your one stop brake and clutch service in Cairns. All of the work we do meets the stringent requirements for a workshop who is approved to provide Cairns roadworthy certificates. This is also important to consider when we are also an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station.

Our Cairns mechanic workshop features 3 brake lathes which can be used for disc or drum brakes and we can provide brake machining on your car meaning you may not have to replace these parts if they become worn and are still in acceptable limits of wear. This could save you hundreds and is all done in house. We can apply these services to all cars and even heavy vehicles as an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station.

We've found the best parts manufacturers to supply to our Cairns mechanic workshop for the best quality brake repairs Cairns

We also perform clutch replacements and flywheel machining, replace brake lines and hoses and perform pad changes if required. Over the years we have found it is important to only use the best quality products for these important aspects of a car or 4wd and therefore recommend and use Bendix brake pads and PBR discs so we know that the quality of the materials used is on par with the quality of our Cairns mechanic work. We are also a fully accredited Cairns HVRAS inspection station.

Contact us or drop by our Scott Street Cairns mechanic workshop today and get some obligation free advice on how we can help you keep your car in top working order or supply you with Cairns roadworthy certificates. Also talk to use about your needs for an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station.

Cairns Brake & Clutch Centre on RoadTrip Australia Series

In November 2019 we were happy to get involved with the RoadTrip Australia Series when they swung by the Cairns region. Our Cairns mechanic brake upgrade to their Mazda BT50 was a great improvement for towing. Check out the video.

Cairns Brake repairs
roadworthy certificates Cairns
HVRAS inspection station Cairns
car servicing Cairns
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Keep your Cairns roadworthy certificates supplied car in top running order today with our interest free solutions
Brake repairs Cairns
You can get your car repairs or servicing interest free with Humm (formerly Certegy) We can also help with more commercial work under this scheme as one of the approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station suppliers in the region.

When it comes to car maintenance and repairs and Cairns roadworthy certificates, particularly with concern to your cars braking system, it is essential to safety on the road that these items are not overlooked. Sometimes these repairs or servicing items can arise at the worst time. When your car is needing a service or braking system maintenance waiting until it is affordable is not an option. With our extremely flexible and easy to apply for interest free options from Humm you are assured that you can get the repairs completed when necessary and break the cost up into 5-10 easy to manage interest free slices.

Working with Australia's leading automotive industry suppliers
From technology providers to warranty suppliers and buying groups... we deal with the best in the industry and use these parts to produce approved Cairns roadworthy certificates
Cairns mechanic
Brake repairs Cairns
Cairns roadworthy certificates
Cairns HVRAS inspection station
Cairns car servicing
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For all Cairns car servicing, Cairns roadworthy certificates and mechanical repairs, call us today to make an appointment

For mechanical repairs, Cairns roadworthy certificates, log book warranty Cairns car servicing or the help of a brake and clutch specialist contact our Cairns workshop today. We are also an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station.

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We provide a complete automotive maintenance and repair service to the region as a qualified and reputable Cairns mechanic workshop that has been operating for more than 30 years. While our brake repairs Cairns services have always been paramount to our operation, we have branced out to other associated automotive areas to provide our clients with a complete turn key solution. We provide Cairns roadworthy certificates as an approved inspection station and with our industry knowledge we know where to look to find areas of wear and tear on any vehicle. Not only working with passenger vehicles, we have attained the accreditation of being an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station meaning we can look after all heavy vehicle repairs and safety inspections. We also provide customers with complete Cairns car servicing including new car warranty and log book requirements are all covered.

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