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The importance of having well maintained brakes is a no brainer and our clutch services mean it doesn't have to cost alot to replace a worn clutch

As our name suggests, brakes and clutches are our specialty and we have the workshop equipment and trained staff to provide your one stop brake and clutch shop in Cairns.


Our workshop features 3 brake lathes which can be used for disc or drum brakes and we can provide brake machining on your car meaning you may not have to replace these parts if they become worn and are still in acceptable limits of wear. This could save you hundreds and is all done in house.


We also perform clutch replacements and flywheel machining, replace brake lines and hoses and perform pad changes if required. Over the years we have found it is important to only use the best quality products for these important aspects of a car or 4wd and therefore recommend and use Bendix brake pads and PBR discs so we know that the quality of the materials used is on par with the quality of our work.

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