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Cairns Roadworthy Certificates
Make sure your car is up to it's best running order thanks to our Cairns roadworthy certificates

We are a licenced provider of Cairns roadworthy certificates and have been providing this service to our clients for a number of years. Whether you are buying or selling a used car, having us perform a Cairns roadworthy certificates inspection and report is your assurance of quality and reliability as well as safety.

We follow a strict set of guidelines when we do our Cairns roadworthy certificates and our inspections are very thorough. When we are performing the duties to undertake a Cairns roadworthy certificates inspection we can also make repairs and perform works necessary for the vehicle to pass the inspection.

We are fully licenced to perform Cairns roadworthy certificates and are the trusted name for many private individuals and motor dealers alike. Our Queensland approved Cairns roadworthy certificates are your sign of a safe and reliable car and it will give you a sense of satisfaction to have all of the bases covered in our comprehensive inspection process.

Our Cairns roadworthy certificates are valid right throughout the state of Queensland and they are valid for up to 90 days when completed meaning if you are selling a car you don't have to worry about getting it redone. Even if you don't sell your car in the initial period of time that our Cairns roadworthy certificates are valid for we can help with an extension after a further vehicle check.

Look for our Cairns roadworthy certificates on your next vehicle purchase for peace of mind

As a brake specialist, we see the importance of vehicle safety as paramount and our Cairns roadworthy certificates are very thorough and ensure real peace of mind for the cars new owner. Safe in the knowledge that the car you are buying is going to be reliable and provide the upmost of safety is essential and our Cairns roadworthy certificates provide this.

To book a Cairns roadworthy certificates with us is easy and the time it takes to prepare the inspection is not very long. We can even provide these Cairns roadworthy certificatesfor heavy vehicles and commercial fleet cars meaning it's a great fit for businesses who are expanding or downsizing their range of cars.

In Queensland it is mandatory that a car for sale that is registered carries a valid Cairns roadworthy certificates and that is what we are fully equipped, qualified and licenced to provide. A Cairns roadworthy certificates from Cairns Brake & Clutch is a sign of thoroughness and exemplary workmanship towards inspecting the vital components of your car.

Our Cairns roadworthy certificates are legally compliant and, when accompanying the other necessary paperwork for a car title and registration transfer, provide the complete and relevant picture of transfer expectations. We check the major areas of a car to ensure they meet the guidelines required for a Cairns roadworthy certificates including tyre and brake wear, windscreen condition, oil leaks and other safety issues such as airbags and seatbelts.

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Cairns Brake repairs
You can get your car repairs, brake repairs Cairns or servicing interest free with Humm (formerly Certegy)

When it comes to car maintenance and repairs and the very important ability to produce Cairns roadworthy certificates, particularly with concern to your cars braking system, it is essential to safety on the road that these items are not overlooked. Sometimes these repairs or servicing items can arise at the worst time. When your car is needing a service or braking system maintenance waiting until it is affordable is not an option. With our extremely flexible and easy to apply for interest free options from Humm you are assured that you can get the repairs completed when necessary and break the cost up into 5-10 easy to manage interest free slices. Talk to us about how we can also help with interest free services as an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station.

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For all Cairns car servicing and mechanical repairs, call us today to make an appointment. We can even help with Cairns roadworthy certificates.

For mechanical repairs, Cairns roadworthy certificates, Cairns car servicing or the help of a brake and clutch specialist contact our Cairns mechanic workshop today. We are an authorised Cairns HVRAS inspection station and look after many fleet heavy vehicles.

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We provide a complete automotive maintenance and repair service to the region as a qualified and reputable Cairns mechanic workshop that has been operating for more than 30 years. While our brake repairs Cairns services have always been paramount to our operation, we have branced out to other associated automotive areas to provide our clients with a complete turn key solution. We provide Cairns roadworthy certificates as an approved inspection station and with our industry knowledge we know where to look to find areas of wear and tear on any vehicle. Not only working with passenger vehicles, we have attained the accreditation of being an approved Cairns HVRAS inspection station meaning we can look after all heavy vehicle repairs and safety inspections. We also provide customers with complete Cairns car servicing including new car warranty and log book requirements are all covered.

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